Bulk SMS. Airtime. Data. Bills.

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Bulk SMS

World class bulk SMS service with guaranteed delivery to all GSM/CDMA networks in Nigeria and more than 1200 networks across the world.



Send high quality automated call which contains a recorded message or converts a typed SMS into voice message (text-to-speech).


Internet Data

Our GSM number database is geographically, demographically and occupationally segmented for targeted SMS campaigns.



SMPP messaging protocol allows for the transmission of “bursty” campaigns with high thoroughput. Simple. Fast. Secure. Reliable.


About Us

Nigerian SMS is a premium bulk SMS service gateway with the ability for 100% SMS delivery. We believe a bulk SMS service should be easy to use, easy to afford, and easy to customize. Because of these reasons, we make launching a custom SMS campaign fun, inexpensive and fast. With NigerianSMS.com, your publicity and marketing team can send bulk SMS campaigns at a low cost and no hassle.

Messaging through NigerianSMS.com improves delivery rate from 22% to well over 95%, compared to direct email, social media, radio and TV. And over 95% of SMS received are opened within the hour of reception. For your marketing/election campaigns, group/church mobilizations and sales notifications, optimum ROI is guaranteed. NigerianSMS brings this profound edge to you. Come on board and ride with us! GET STARTED NOW

Transactional SMS

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Promotional SMS

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OTP Delivery

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Mass Mobilization

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Your Advantage

Solid bulk SMS platform for effective customer engagement. Perfect for higher returns.

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Reach More People

Over 90% of SMS are opened and read within three minutes of receipt. 98% all time rate.

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Grow Your Business

More SMS received. Increased engagement. Growing leads. Expanding business. Maximum profit.

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Save More Money

Messaging on NigerianSMS.com is as affordable as it is effective.

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Why SMS?

Text messaging on NigerianSMS.com enables you to laser target specific groups of people with different messages. By delivering the right message to the right group of people, you can improve communication with your audience and boost sales in business. So check out the following statistics:


90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of being delivered (Impigermobile)


98% SMS average open rate compared to 22% for email (Frost & Sullivan, Epsilon)


91% of adults have their mobile phone within arms reach 24/7 (Morgan Stanley)


SMS click-through rates are double that of email. You can attest to that. It’s universal.


The conversion rate of SMS is four times that of email.


Coca Cola spends 75% of its mobile budget on SMS alone.

Need bulk SMS? Join NigerianSMS. It will only take a minute


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